Thursday, April 1, 2010

Leopard Print

So a little 8o's isn't so Bad....
Leopard print came back in 2009 with the girls wearing it as scarves. 
2010 is still in love with it.
Best finds are the prints with a rich golden brown colour in a singlet top to layer.
Leopard Pants? NO.
Leopard Heels... no.
Leopard Jacket... no. stupid Kate Moss.
Leopard scarf... OLD.

Their Way:

Daisy Lowe

Scarlett Johansson

My Way:

Wear with neutrals like
 black, cream, brown or white to 
tone the print down. 
Accessories should be delicate and Gold.
Who knew you could make something nice out of such tacky stores?
Skirt & Singlet: ICE
Over Shirt: Jay Jays
Waist Scarf: Ulladulla Boutique

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