Sunday, May 2, 2010

Winter Fashion Trends

Nothing's new in the fashion world, just altered. I cant give you new trends because there are none, there's only what is in fashion now or whats coming back to play. Fashion wont die, it just keeps coming back! [some pieces i would love to stab repeatedly like a maniac] WHO SAID THAT? I'll just pretend im quoting someone else with that confession. Here's whats coming up in Australian fashion.

Crazy architectural themes in Statement Jackets.

Caped Jackets
Nadia Cape-Shoulder Jacket

Floral tea dresses with chunky boots, wear a bowler hat, like everyone else, and be "original" :P
Full Bloom Dress

Leather Dresses- the demure dominatrix way of course.
[Virtual Leather Vent Dress]
Virtual Leather Vent Dress

Muted tones, check out the satin panties!  And the cream trench is mandatory every winter. but these ladies need to invest in some inch thick tights if they're keen to survive, either that or hibernate.

You shoulder poof, you! My lace piece from 'Ally' is going to get a workout.
Chambray hoodie [warm!]
Overboard Chambray Jacket

 They're already Autumn but i've got a feeling theyre
 going to be big, especially under that chambray hoodie above.
Rockaway Beach Dress

Fur shrug/capelet [fake always] over muted geometrics
Kriss Kross Dress

Socks and Heels, with soft colour dress, though 3 1/4  sleeves preferably.
Neon Rose Dress
Has anyone ever tried these frilly white ones with black opaque tights? im gonna check it.
Recognize the Reveler

Au Revoir

2010 Logie Awards Best Dresses

So its Logies TIME! I dont know about you but this is the first time i watched the logies and it was only for the red carpet section! thank god. 
My two favourite dresses would have to be Margot Robbie's floor length white and embellished gown and Jessica Marais Melbourne-based Black satin J'Aton design. Stunning. 
and she has a nice tan. [margot] 
no reason,... just thought i'd add that. not turning lesbian btw.
i probably needed to add that actually because, phoar, the orange tan was out in FORCE! statement tans here and there! i mistook some of the tanned ladies for leather chairs. i could Sonia Kruger in my loungeroom. Actually i would never want that :/ 

Best Dressed List

Margot Robbie, 2010 Logies Dress
*same pose, different carpet area* :/

Jessica Marais' 2010 Logies Dress
Now thats fu*king hot. Although would have looked better with her boyfriend.

Carrie, im big on the black and white theme yeah? this corset is amazing. oh and the frills [swoon] just the right amount of Barbie. [not alot haha!]
Worst Dressed List

Normally i would refrain from such rude remarks about someones dress on a big occasion like this, its obvious everyone's put in alot of effort to look gorgeous... but these two stood out, to me, as big mistakes.
Is she wearing a garbage bag? [love the Tasma by the way] but a sparkly belt doesnt hide that plastic bag. tragic.
I cant tell what the hell Ruby Rose is wearing. i honestly haven't a clue. and her tatts confuse me even more. AND SHE HAS GREY HAIR!!!!  she's so gorgeous, why grey hair. why?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today's Ebay Wonder

Drule over this full on Cocktail Dress

Smart Casual

A lovely lady who happens to enjoy
 Gloria Jeans' 'Voltages' as much as me
 asked me to find her clothes for work. 
Now, she works in retail, selling upmarket clothing.. 
beats me how she got the job if she cant
 dress her self let alone another sex!!! I'm playing :P 
Whether you work in retail or an office environment, 
corporate styling is expected to sell your product 
or promote your company. 
So here's some 'Smart Casual' get ups
 that wont get you sent home crying OR make
 you look like an airline hostess.

[Keeping in mind denim is banned thanks to
evil corporate pen pushers]
Everyone knows a blazer with jeans
is a match made in heaven/ gloria jeans.  yum.

First up is one that keeps with my... MINOR Leopard obsession... 
you could also lose the scarf,  tuck the leopard shirt into some straight leg pants 
and wear a black power shouldered blazer for a full on look. 
but i have limited resources having moved 
]interstate and baggage allowance was 2 suitcases... :'(
Having said that Valley girl have an amazing
 Power shoulder Blazer with frill detail around the base for $50 i had my eye on...

A poofy/ frilly casual top worn with a pencil skirt 
[preferably longer than mine if you wear to work] and an embellished Belt looks ["fabulous"-LH]
Dont be worried about looking like your going bar hopping either, the length and height of your pencil skirt give it a corporate feel as well as wearing simple black or nude mid height heels, where the subtle studs make it New Season. Now lets go 'Rich-Man Hunting' [Newest Official Sport of the Olympics]

Another Tip when you want to go Smart casual is wear any pretty
casual top/ blouse  you want- ANYTHING AT ALL! 
with plain Black or pinstriped Straight leg pants/ pencil skirt.
More Smart asual To come tomorrow 

Leopard Print

So a little 8o's isn't so Bad....
Leopard print came back in 2009 with the girls wearing it as scarves. 
2010 is still in love with it.
Best finds are the prints with a rich golden brown colour in a singlet top to layer.
Leopard Pants? NO.
Leopard Heels... no.
Leopard Jacket... no. stupid Kate Moss.
Leopard scarf... OLD.

Their Way:

Daisy Lowe

Scarlett Johansson

My Way:

Wear with neutrals like
 black, cream, brown or white to 
tone the print down. 
Accessories should be delicate and Gold.
Who knew you could make something nice out of such tacky stores?
Skirt & Singlet: ICE
Over Shirt: Jay Jays
Waist Scarf: Ulladulla Boutique

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fashion/// a friendly reminder that You Are Not Lady GaGa.

Does it make you think of Jordan ? 
or what about Madonna? Pamela?
Spare me, I'd rather wear poo than a line by them.
 [don't worry thats not going to be an issue! ... yet] 
So to get yourself on societies "Best dressed list" [ha]
take note, less is more and Lycra should have been burned in the 80's... sadly that wasn't the case, and people are obsessing with wet look lycra- //shudder//
so i'm here to stop you!
 A friendly reminder that 

You Are Not Lady GaGa.
and somehow blood/Undies/leotards don't look good in real life....

Here's an old picture of the grande Beyonce...
BURN!!! the Denim tights, the horror, The HORROR! 
Now children don't be fooled, that stunning power shoulder Jacket(thank you MJ) does NOT cover up the "faux denim" tights, and what they need is some good ol' lighter feul. "Do not try this at home" was definately on the label. Its really just another trend that Supre capitalised on and contributed to bare assed girls everywhere. If you've got them, for me, for people everywhere, and most of all for yourself, thrown them out.

Now that's my main fashion peve is out of the way, lets get onto the good stuff.

 What the Models are wearing. First to peek the latest styles on numerous runways, people love the mix of eclectic designer and everyday casual that models chuck on. Photographers are getting lauder for their fantastic new "shoots" that require a dark room and a white or damask wall. clap clap! did you use a 5mp cam or what?!. outstanding! sarcastic or not.. we lap it up. 

Here are the best and what theyre wearing. 

Abbey Lee Kershaw
Lace, long hobo- sorry "boho" layered hair 

Don't be afraid... socks under heels is back! 
In a classy way. sighhh. looks like boho is too?
suspicious lace trend happening.

Random french model. 
god bless them and their high leather shorts.
et ses longues jambes...

Miranda Kirr a few years ago..
the pencil skirt is amazing fabric and cut.
The silk top continues the formal look
 whilst the neutral accessories keep it a timeless look.

Erin Wasson. Queen of M.O.D's
The lace. get yourself a lace slashneck bandeau dress.
 when i saw this i did.
 look below  for my exact Asos Bandeau. 
thankyou ebay. pure love.

Can i cut an inch off the top of her heels off please? Thats the only part i'd change
Calf length heels only work for the bohemufs...
does nothing for your legs.

Two Perfect and different ways to wear an MJ Military 'beat it' Jacket.
One with a frilly Girly top and Heels while
Gemma Ward
works the man-style shirt, and flats, 
P.s. Must wear with denim to avoid being too Dressy. 
P.s.s Your not MJ, so you dont need studded pants!

Chanel Iman, she is perfect here.
 Red flows through her entire outfit pulling it together, subtly.
another P.s would be to only use colour in a few of the 
pieces your wearing to avoid OTT and just multi-toned feral.
The Black handbag with white Chanel detail also compliments her bracelet.
Its easier to match lighter colours like this in a way
 thats not tacky or overdone,,, just muted. 

Bedtime, i stayed up late for you