Sunday, May 2, 2010

2010 Logie Awards Best Dresses

So its Logies TIME! I dont know about you but this is the first time i watched the logies and it was only for the red carpet section! thank god. 
My two favourite dresses would have to be Margot Robbie's floor length white and embellished gown and Jessica Marais Melbourne-based Black satin J'Aton design. Stunning. 
and she has a nice tan. [margot] 
no reason,... just thought i'd add that. not turning lesbian btw.
i probably needed to add that actually because, phoar, the orange tan was out in FORCE! statement tans here and there! i mistook some of the tanned ladies for leather chairs. i could Sonia Kruger in my loungeroom. Actually i would never want that :/ 

Best Dressed List

Margot Robbie, 2010 Logies Dress
*same pose, different carpet area* :/

Jessica Marais' 2010 Logies Dress
Now thats fu*king hot. Although would have looked better with her boyfriend.

Carrie, im big on the black and white theme yeah? this corset is amazing. oh and the frills [swoon] just the right amount of Barbie. [not alot haha!]
Worst Dressed List

Normally i would refrain from such rude remarks about someones dress on a big occasion like this, its obvious everyone's put in alot of effort to look gorgeous... but these two stood out, to me, as big mistakes.
Is she wearing a garbage bag? [love the Tasma by the way] but a sparkly belt doesnt hide that plastic bag. tragic.
I cant tell what the hell Ruby Rose is wearing. i honestly haven't a clue. and her tatts confuse me even more. AND SHE HAS GREY HAIR!!!!  she's so gorgeous, why grey hair. why?

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