Sunday, May 2, 2010

Winter Fashion Trends

Nothing's new in the fashion world, just altered. I cant give you new trends because there are none, there's only what is in fashion now or whats coming back to play. Fashion wont die, it just keeps coming back! [some pieces i would love to stab repeatedly like a maniac] WHO SAID THAT? I'll just pretend im quoting someone else with that confession. Here's whats coming up in Australian fashion.

Crazy architectural themes in Statement Jackets.

Caped Jackets
Nadia Cape-Shoulder Jacket

Floral tea dresses with chunky boots, wear a bowler hat, like everyone else, and be "original" :P
Full Bloom Dress

Leather Dresses- the demure dominatrix way of course.
[Virtual Leather Vent Dress]
Virtual Leather Vent Dress

Muted tones, check out the satin panties!  And the cream trench is mandatory every winter. but these ladies need to invest in some inch thick tights if they're keen to survive, either that or hibernate.

You shoulder poof, you! My lace piece from 'Ally' is going to get a workout.
Chambray hoodie [warm!]
Overboard Chambray Jacket

 They're already Autumn but i've got a feeling theyre
 going to be big, especially under that chambray hoodie above.
Rockaway Beach Dress

Fur shrug/capelet [fake always] over muted geometrics
Kriss Kross Dress

Socks and Heels, with soft colour dress, though 3 1/4  sleeves preferably.
Neon Rose Dress
Has anyone ever tried these frilly white ones with black opaque tights? im gonna check it.
Recognize the Reveler

Au Revoir

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  1. Leather dresses are the common fashion in winter season. Most of the men and women prefer leather clothes in winter season. very nice post thankx.